Storage Tanks & Pumps

      Storage tanks and cisterns are seen throughout the Texas Hill Country and can bring peace of mind to your home or business. Storage tanks provide water for irrigation, during drought conditions, and well outages. A tank provides fire protection, aeration of water to remove sulfur, and can supply multiple homes. In addition, a storage tank can increase the lifespan of your well pump by preventing short cycling, which is turning on and off too frequently.

We specialize in rural water storage systems

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Tan Tanks Are Here!!  No light penetration, 100% virgin material, NSF approved for potable water, water stays cooler, neutral color blends with home. We also have a new light green color along with dark green as well. Come out to our yard in Boerne and take a look.

Storage tanks come in many different volumes and can be made of concrete or plastic. A tank system can be fitted with a level indicator, a low level alarm, a pump protector that turns off the well when a low well level is detected, and independent pumps can be installed for irrigation or supplying multiple households.

Our storage tanks are constructed with 5000 PSI concrete with a wall thickness of 4 inches. The walls are also fiber mesh and rebar reinforced for extra strength. The tanks are poured offsite and arrive to your location on a flatbed truck. Each ring of the tank is lifted by a crane and set in place one at a time. The tanks are then mortared and sealed on the inside and out. A trench that contains piping and electrical conduit connects the storage tank to the well house. An additional pump is installed inside the well house to supply the home or business with water pressure from the storage tank. This pump provides better pressure and a greater flow rate than the well pump. The only job of the well pump now is to fill the storage tank when needed. Our tanks are now constructed with no exterior sidewall penetrations or piping runs up the side. All stainless/brass/PVC fittings are poured into the 6 inch base and can be custom configured for your application. Not only does this improve appearance it protects from freezing and leaking of the sidewall.

A PUMP PROTECTOR CAN SAVE YOUR WELL PUMP FROM THE DROUGHT! It can be installed without a storage tank and protects well pumps up to 5HP. We recommend installing one at bare minimum to protect your well pump. These units shut down the well when they detect an abnormal power spike due to a low water level. After a preset time period has passed and the well is allowed to recover the unit attempts to restart the well pump. Coupled with a storage tank this system minimizes the stress on your pump.  

Newman Water Services also offers a variety of pumps and pressure tanks for multiple applications. We only provide industry proven equipment and warranty all of our installations. Contact Us for specific sizing and application of your system. We will be happy to come out and take a look at no charge to you.